Clarity 16E

The Clarity 16E is ideal for locations where space is tight, an uncluttered feeling is essential, and top quality is a must.

  • Clear on three sides, yet fully enclosed
  • Needs only 4 feet of clear width for installation on the existing floor; no pit or access ramp required
  • Quiet and reliable drive train covered by Ascension’s standard 10-year warranty


The Ascension Clarity 16E is a fully enclosed vertical wheelchair lift that can reach heights up to 14 feet.

The Clarity 16E enhances a venue’s image while also maintaining a user’s sense of dignity. The cabinet for the unique dual-cylinder drive system mounts directly to the upper landing face, leaving 3 clear sides to maintain an air of spaciousness.

The drive train is also engineered to reduce noise:  When rising, the Clarity 16E is about as loud as normal conversation (62dB @ 3 ft.), and it is virtually silent when descending (< 2dB).

For tight renovation spaces, a lift with a narrow footprint can mean the difference between a painless installation or major demolition. The Clarity’s footprint is only 48.13” wide, and its ultra-thin platform floor permits surface-level entry with no ramp and no installation pit. The bottom line: you won’t have to dig up the existing floor and you won’t need to demolish walls to squeeze in your new lift.


Each Ascension wheelchair lift is manufactured in Tucson, AZ, USA. For over 20 years, Ascension has been committed to quality in all phases of manufacturing with industry-leading innovations.

Easy maintenance ensures that each lift keeps running smoothly, so Ascension owners can rely on their lifts for decades.

Every new Ascension lift includes a standard drive train warranty of 10 years (4 years all other parts), which conveys our commitment to every owner’s continuing satisfaction.



Vertical Travel 34″ to 168″
Capacity 750 lbs.
Enclosure Fully enclosed with transparent panels
Sight Lines No side tower. The Clarity’s drive system attaches directly to the landing face, leaving 3 faces clear.
Footprint 48″ wide by 68″ deep
Installation Mounts directly on the floor with no installation pit and no entry ramp.
Power Chain-hydraulic, mounted on vibration-isolating supports
Patents Ascension’s wheelchair lifts are patented; to view these patent numbers visit our Patent Page.
Sound  62dB when rising, <2dB when descending (3 feet from lift)
Color Exterior grade silver-metallic powder coating. Other colors available upon request.
Material Aluminum with stainless steel accents.
Drive Train Vibration-isolated, dual-cylinder chain hydraulic drive system


The Clarity comes with a full range of standard features for superior safety, convenience, and aesthetics.  Ascension also offers several options for Clarity wheelchair lifts to provide added convenience and to meet the specific needs of some settings.  Major options include:

  • Power Gate Operator (upper and/or lower): Opens and closes gate automatically at the touch of a button.
  • Custom Colors: Custom powder coat color selected by client; color-matching services are available.
  • Same-side entry/exit package on shaftway applications
  • Shaftway package
  • Outdoor Dome
  • Universal Keys

For more information on available options for the Clarity, please consult with one of our product specialists or download the options brochure.


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