Ascension wheelchair lifts can be found at the Venetian Macao as a high-profile accessibility option.

High-Profile Accessibility

Making accessibility modifications to historic properties is often a challenging endeavor. Such modifications typically involve doing away with architectural barriers or leveling the grade of an area in order to accommodate ramps or to facilitate wheelchair travel. Unfortunately, these modifications may jeopardize the historic value of a property or otherwise interfere with some aspect of a visitor’s experience. For a historic location, these two factors are crucial in deciding which accessibility modifications to make....

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The Chicago skyline at night.

Chicago is Lifting the Accessibility Platform

Chicago, Illinois is a highly inclusive city, continually ranking in the top ten for accessible living and recognized by organizations such as the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and Boots ‘N All travel guide for the ease of access to its facilities, recreation, and accessibility involvement. ...

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The 2016 Rio Paralympics will take place in September.

Team USA and the College Adaptive Athletics Movement

The United States has an impressive track record in the Paralympics, having won over 500 gold medals since the first Games in 1960. This year, more than 4,300 competitors from 160 different countries are expected to participate at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Many of these competitors are either current students or alumni of the various adapted athletics programs from across the U.S. ...

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The University of West Florida is an Ascension customer, owning the Virtuoso wheelchair lift.

Raising the Bar for Community Impact

Although the University of West Florida’s (UWF) modest total student enrollment of less than 13,000 makes it relatively small, its impact is unquestionable. In addition to the University’s NCAA Division II sports program, it is also a participating space-grant institution that provides $1.47 billion in total annual sales for the Florida economy. The University is also home to 300 formally registered individuals to the Students with Disabilities Resource Center (SDRC)....

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Bariatric statistical information

Defining Bariatric Medicine and Exploring Obesity Options

The term “bariatric” was first used in 1977, and it is defined as, “relating to or specializing in the treatment of obesity.” Today, this term has spread to encompass a medical branch that is looking to serve around 300 million people globally, according to the World Health Organization. ...

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Queen's Hall Theatre owns an Ascension Virtuoso wheelchair lift.

A Queen’s Home

Queen’s Hall Theatre in Trinidad and Tobago has been pushing for community growth since it opened its doors in 1959. Since that time, the theatre has undergone numerous renovations to ensure that it remains on the cutting edge of international trends. These renovations include the enclosing of the auditorium to provide air-conditioning and improved lines-of-sight, as well as the enlarging of the stage. Over recent years, their focus has been on providing equal access for all individuals, including those with disabilities. ...

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