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9 Ways to Profit from Owning an Ascension Wheelchair Lift

9 Ways Organizations Profit from Owning Wheelchair Lifts

Owning an Ascension wheelchair lift provides benefits far beyond just accessibility compliance. For instance, organizations can actually profit financially from owning an Ascension lift, or save money...

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What Are My Financing Options?

Here at Ascension, we understand that financing your lift can be a critical component of your buying experience. Due to the nature of our products, many customers desire to use credit or terms to help finance their lift. As such, Ascension has prepared this webpage to help you understand our process....

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Piggyback clauses are used by many public entities, including schools, government agencies & convention centers across the US to acquire wheelchair lifts.

“Piggyback” Purchasing 101: Collaborate on Accessibility

Making Collaborative Purchasing Work for You “Piggyback clauses”* have been successfully used by many public entities, including school districts, government agencies, and convention centers across the United States to acquire goods and services, including wheelchair lifts....

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