As an architect, you have several types of solutions available when designing around physical barriers:

  1. Ramps
  2. Inclined Wheelchair Lifts
  3. Vertical Wheelchair Lifts
  4. Elevators

Assuming that you are interested in evaluating Ascension vertical wheelchair lifts as a possible solution, make sure to consider all the variables that will affect your ultimate decision.

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Types of clients who may benefit most from Ascension lifts

Ascension vertical wheelchair lifts are premium products for your clients who take great pride in their facility for reasons, such as:

  • Outstanding Visual Appeal
  • Low Ambient Noise Levels
  • Open Lines of Sight
  • State-of-the-Art Design
  • Top-Notch Safety
  • Distinguished Clientele
  • Renowned Customer Service

And for those who also want great features in the products they use for the facility that is their pride and joy, such as:

  • Long Product Life
  • USA Design and Manufacture
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Advanced Engineering
  • Minimal Physical Impact on the Facility
  • Robust Standard Safety Features
  • User-Friendliness
  • Dependable Customer Support

How to select the correct Ascension models and features

When choosing a premium Ascension lift, you have five model choices, each with unique features and options to meet a variety of site needs:

  • Portable Ascension Virtuoso
  • Permanent Ascension Virtuoso
  • Portable Ascension Protégé
  • Permanent Ascension Protégé
  • Permanent Upper Landing Lift – COMING SOON

Your easiest route is to call on the friendly and knowledgeable team of Ascension Product Specialists to help you:

  1. Determine whether an Ascension lift is an appropriate choice for your client in the first place.
  2. Quickly sort through your priorities and narrow down your choices – a wise move, since there are more than 100 different model configurations for Ascension lifts!

Factors that influence your possibilities may include:

  • Lifting Height
  • Facility Type
  • Typical Uses of the Space
  • Reason for Needing a Lift
  • Priorities of Your Client
  • Portable or Permanent
  • Enclosed or Unenclosed
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • Gate Hinge Sides
  • Standard or Optional Color
  • Etc.

Specifications and drawings for the solution you have selected for your client

Once your Product Specialist has helped you determine the appropriate Ascension model and configuration, you will receive (usually within 24 hours):

  1. Model, with configuration number specific to your client’s needs
  2. Three-part specifications for your choice
  3. Shop drawings showing correct gate hinging, etc. (PDF, DWG, BIM, and other formats available)

Project follow-up to completion

Ascension Product Specialists do not stop working once you have specified the correct lift for your client! Your Ascension Product Specialist will:

  • Review project drawings and revisions as you make those inevitable design changes along the way, to advise you of any project design changes that affect the lift configuration.
  • Provide pricing for your specified Ascension lift as necessary (to project estimators, bidders, etc.)
  • Coordinate manufacture and timely delivery of the Ascension lift.
  • Periodically follow up with the client to confirm that all is well with their Ascension lift (the 20-year drive train warranty also includes 20 years of world-class customer service).

How hard is it to contact Ascension?

  1. By phone (quickest way of all): Call us at 520-881-3993 and talk to us 8AM-5PM, M-F, MST or leave us a message after hours; we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.
  2. By e-mail: E-mail us at WebSales@ascension-lift.com and send us your contact information with any preliminary project notes, and we will try to respond quickly.
  3. Use the CONTACT US form on the Ascension website.

We are eager to work with you to help your projects progress smoothly and turn out beautifully!