Test Your ADA Knowledge and Earn CEU Credits!

How do you meet the challenges that architectural barriers present? Ascension has partnered with AEC Daily to offer a FREE Continuing Education course, Rethinking Vertical Accessibility, which will help you:

  • Explore the benefits of using vertical wheelchair lifts instead of elevators and ramps; and
  • Dig a little deeper into ADA compliance.

Best of all, you will earn CEUs in the process!

This course starts at the basics, with a brief overview of vertical accessibility. It then moves on to an in-depth look at vertical wheelchair lifts and the relevant sections of the ADAAG and ASME A18.1 standards. You should walk away with an augmented knowledge base for evaluating projects that have architectural barriers. We hope you will also have some new tools for determining which projects may benefit from using vertical wheelchair lifts to become ADA compliant.

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Additional Accessibility Resources

Did you know that Ascension has also partnered with ARCAT and iSqFt? Architects, construction managers, contractors, and dealers can use these services to view our wheelchair lift specifications and drawings for construction projects.

Ascension is partnered with ARCAT to offer accessibility options for a variety of projects.
Ascension is partnered with iSqFt to offer accessibility options for a variety of projects.