Month: January 2019

Elderly couple on stairs

Reclaim Your Independence at Home with Wheelchair Lifts

The Cost of Independent Living A Man In A Wheelchair Cooks In His Kitchen For those living with disabilities that affects their mobility, or for those growing older, living independently isn’t always easy. Stairs are a near Sisyphean challenge, ramps or inclines pose an exhausting struggle, and even entering or exiting a home can prove a chore. Nevertheless, home is important. Home is where you’re comfortable, a place to escape and recharge, and where things are the way you want them. Home is where you want to be. Unfortunately, disability and age can stand in strong opposition of your home life, making it seem as though there are no good options or no options at all. Furthermore, giving up your home and your privacy for communal, assisted living – or even moving in with a relative – is expensive and far from ideal. How Expensive is Assisted Living? According to...

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