Month: November 2016

Ascension wheelchair lifts can be found at the Venetian Macao as a high-profile accessibility option.

High-Profile Accessibility

Making accessibility modifications to historic properties is often a challenging endeavor. Such modifications typically involve doing away with architectural barriers or leveling the grade of an area in order to accommodate ramps or to facilitate wheelchair travel. Unfortunately, these modifications may jeopardize the historic value of a property or otherwise interfere with some aspect of a visitor’s experience. For a historic location, these two factors are crucial in deciding which accessibility modifications to make....

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Ascension wheelchair lifts are an ideal accessibility option for performing arts centers, such as Radio City Music Hall,, which uses Ascension wheelchair lifts.

ADA Lifts for Performing Arts Centers

Think about a recent symphony or other sophisticated event in your auditorium. An MC takes the microphone before the show and reminds patrons to: Turn off their cell phones, Unwrap their cough drops before the music starts. Question: If unwrapping a cough drop during the symphony is too disturbing, why would anyone want to hear something that sounds like a gigantic drill, a laboring garbage truck, or a busy auto body shop? Answer: Nobody would....

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