Month: March 2016

Ascension's has an exclusive contract with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for a fixed price for any portable wheelchair lift.

Wheelchair Lifts for California Schools

A New Way for California K-12 Schools to Procure Premium ADA Wheelchair Lifts for Stages ...

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Choose a Wheelchair Lift Blog Series - Part 1: Basic Research

Choose a Wheelchair Lift – Part 1: The Iceberg Syndrome

When it comes to large purchases or investments, making an informed decision is key to getting the most for your money. Researching and asking questions are necessary elements getting the necessary information to make an informed decision. This process is even more important when considering purchasing a niche product, such as a wheelchair lift. We have created a three part series on how to choose the right vertical wheelchair lift and here is part one: ...

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Choose a Wheelchair Lift - Part 2: What are your

Choose a Wheelchair Lift – Part 2: Hidden Needs

As we pointed out in Part 1, all platform lifts are not created equal. While they all raise a wheelchair from Point A to Point B… that only accounts for about 10% of the facts, the ones that are easy to see. However, like an iceberg, 90% of the facts lie beneath the surface. Now that we have looked at some of the basics of the ADA, the ADAAG, and wheelchair lifts in general, it’s time to examine how to determine which lift will be the best fit for your facility. ...

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Choose a Wheelchair Lift - Part 3: What are your Options?

Choose a Wheelchair Lift – Part 3: Options

After going through Part 2, it probably seemed like we could go on forever with the questions. Truthfully, we probably could…but we won’t. ...

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