Month: December 2015

Ascension is offering a free continuing education course for Rethinking Vertical Accessibility.

Rethinking Vertical Accessibility

Test Your ADA Knowledge and Earn CEU Credits! How do you meet the challenges that architectural barriers present? Ascension has partnered with AEC Daily to offer a FREE Continuing Education course,...

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Ascension wheelchair lifts are manufactured with 39% recycled steel.

Environmental Practices

For over 20 years, Ascension has been designing and manufacturing wheelchair lifts that contribute to environmentally friendly business practices, and to the efficient use of natural resources. ...

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Boston Convention Center

Stage Accessibility at Convention Centers

What do the four largest convention centers in the USA have in common? They all own at least one Ascension wheelchair lift to keep their venues safe and provide stage accessibility using ADA compliant lifts. Large convention centers may have as many as 9 Ascension wheelchair lifts to meet all of their accessibility needs. ...

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