Assisting architects is our specialty. To ensure your client’s satisfaction, our product specialists and design engineers are standing by to assist you. Over the phone or via the convenient contact form, we can help you:

  1. Assess whether or not an Ascension VPL is an appropriate fit for your client’s needs and resources,
  2. Select the appropriate configuration and model for each project,
  3. Confirm clearances and other code-related factors,
  4. Provide project-specific drawings and specifications (usually within 24 hours)

Four questions our reviewers often cover with architects:

  • Is sufficient hand pump clearance, or other means of emergency operation, available for Virtuoso and Protégé projects?
  • Is a Front Lowering Valve appropriate for a Protégé installation?
  • Are landing face tolerances suitable for a Clarity 16E installation?
  • Does lift placement and gate handing improve traffic flow?

Premium Ascension lifts are appropriate for a wide variety of projects:

Don’t forget to check out Ascension’s CEU course with AEC Daily and view additional Ascension files on ARCAT.

Please take the time to specify a premium Ascension product carefully so your client gets the premium ADA lift they want and deserve – we are happy to help in whatever way you need.

Elevate Your Project Now!

Send us your project details to begin a complimentary design review with an Ascension Design Engineer. We will contact you to discuss your project’s accessibility requirements.

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