Eight of the ten largest school districts in the USA rely on Ascension wheelchair lifts to keep their communities safe and their stages ADA compliant. Large school districts may have dozens of Ascension lifts, and yet even small districts with only one school have also chosen Ascension.

What draws so many K-12 educators, facility managers, business managers, principals, and superintendents to Ascension lifts?

The short answer is: Ascension lets them get down to their real business: education (not worrying about wheelchair lifts).

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Ask school personnel about their top priorities in today’s world, and you’ll often hear, “Safety.” Some of Ascension’s exceptional safety features are:

  • Safety skirting and safety pan prevent anything from getting under the lift while in use
  • 4 protective sidewalls, safely enclosing the riders
  • Self-closing gates with gate interlocks, ensuring the gates don’t open unintentionally
  • Slip-resistant surfaces

Neutralizing Disruptions in Schools

Running a close second to safety on educators’ minds, you will find “eliminate disruptions.” This has always been a priority, but these days educators must pack more things than ever into a school day. Ascension lifts:

  • Run quietly
  • Are user-friendly
  • Maintain lines of sight at stages and in hallways

…and they are non-threatening, even to younger school age students.

Monitoring of Students

As a responsible teacher, do you want to create hiding places for middle school students? Probably not! Ascension lifts have plenty of clear window area, so monitoring any student activity inside the lift at a glance has never been simpler.

A student uses the Ascension Virtuoso wheelchair lift to access the school stage to receive an award.
An Ascension Protege wheelchair lift is widely used in K-12 schools.
The Ascension Virtuoso wheelchair lift is safe enough for any child to use at school.

Flexibility and Ease of Use (or, “A Day in the Life of a Custodian”)

Are you a lead custodian in a school that has a multi-purpose room with a stage, maybe a “cafetorium” or “gymnatorium”? Here is how a day with Ascension in your life might look:

  • 7:30-7:40 AM – Take 10 minutes to move your Ascension lift from in front of the stage (it is still set up from yesterday’s late afternoon drama class rehearsal).
  • 9:15-9:25 AM – After a morning PE class is finished, take 10 minutes to set up your Ascension lift for a morning kindergarten performance (and then go about your business).
  • 10:45-10:55 AM – After the Kindergarten performance, move your lift out of the way in a snap while your crew sets up tables for first lunch (and then go about your business).
  • 3:00-3:10 PM – After the afternoon PE classes, move the lift back to your stage so the drama students can have their after school play rehearsal (and then go about your business).
  • 3:30 PM – Go home for the day! Even though play practice lasts until 5:30 PM, you know you can move the lift out of the way for the first PE class in a few minutes tomorrow morning before the students start arriving.
  • 9:00 PM – Tomorrow is a busy day, but your Ascension lift is one thing you don’t have to lose sleep over tonight! Set it up quickly if you need it: People who use walkers and canes and crutches can get onstage as easily, safely and quickly, knowing that one average person can move the lift in place and set it up in only 5 or 10 minutes.


Regardless of your job function, you probably want your Ascension lift

  1. to work well every time you need it
  2. to be easy to set up and operate
  3. to require routine maintenance that takes five minutes every six months, at $0.00
  4. …and to stay that way for 20 years!

Ascension lifts are engineered and manufactured to the highest ergonomic and quality criteria, with standard 20-year drive train warranties. What’s more, routine maintenance typically takes only 5 or 10 minutes every six months and can be done by any school employee.


As a business manager in a school district, you probably want an investment that will stay invested and not start leaking dollars in a year or two. You want to spend nothing on maintenance, you look for robust warranties, and you demand products (and prompt, friendly customer service) that will last for decades.


Here are some sample testimonials from a few school personnel who have experience with Ascension lifts.

“The wheelchair lift that was purchased from your company for use at my school works great! Even though it is portable, it has been permanently installed as a stage lift. It provides easy access to the stage for students and adults who are unable to climb stairs. The equipment is also very quiet during operation so it does not disrupt any programs or events.”

Norma Hostetler, Principal – Lockmar Elementary School
Brevard Public Schools
Viera, FL

“We have been using an Ascension portable lift for the past several years in our various school buildings and are extremely pleased with it. We have found the lift to be easily transportable, quick to set-up, and convenient to use. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a wheelchair lift of this nature.”

Joel Harding, Supervisor of Support Services
Stoughton Public Schools
Stoughton, MA

“I want to thank Ascension Vertical Portable Wheelchair Lifts for working with Alva High School. This lift has helped Alva High School to become compliant with ADA. This benefits our special need students who participate in activities that perform on our stage in our auditorium. Again, thank you and our students thank you!”

Steve Parkhurst, Principal – Alva High School
Alva Independent Schools
Alva, OK

“I would like you to know that we have been very happy with our Ascension Portable Lift that we have had for the past 15 years. We have used this for many events and have had no issues with the lift. We use this to access our stage for special events. This lift is so reliable that other school districts borrow this for their graduation ceremonies every year. I highly recommend this portable lift to everyone.”

Wayne F. Bauer, Assistant Director of Facilities
School District of Clayton
Clayton, MO

“Crowell ISD is a very small school, student population 218, therefore we have very few disabilities requiring the lift. We purchased the Ascension Wheelchair lift several years ago particularly for a special needs student in the lower elementary grades. This child was then able to be on stage with the other Elementary students during the annual Christmas Play, and again to have his class picture made. In this past Christmas Play the Wheelchair lift was used as a prop for Marty the Moose. She climbed up stairs inside the lift and appeared as if she were flying like Rudolf. It was very cute. We are very pleased with the wheelchair lift.”

Sherylene Williams, CTSBO, Business Manager
Crowell Independent School District
Crowell, TX

“We have used our Ascension portable wheelchair lift for students and patrons of Beloit Public Schools for ten years. It’s easily operated even for someone unfamiliar with lift operations. We are able to move it between buildings with a small flat-bed trailer. Since we are a small community, on occasion we loan it to the city for use in their auditorium. After ten years of service, the Ascension lift has been well worth the small investment.”

Greg Renter, Superintendent
Beloit Public Schools
Beloit, KS